Event Fundraising

At The Wine Pantry, we know how hard it is to create the perfect licensed event for your school or charity. So let us help you with this.

We have had lots of experience here at The Wine Pantry in organising our own licensed events and we would love to help you organise yours. Once you have decided what type of event that you would like to host, The Wine Pantry can provide you with the following services to help this event become the fundraiser of all fundraisers. The services that we can supply are

Help with obtaining your Single Function Liquor License
Provision of all alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks
Hire of Glassware
Hire of Ice Buckets
Help with finding Hosts for you event
Ideas on what type of event to hold
Help with Prizes
Ideas for Games

For more information or if you have any questions, please email us at info@thewinepantry.com.au